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FDOT Guide Rail and Bullet Rail

FDOT Index 820, Index 821 & Index 822 or as it's commonly known "Bullet Rail" are available in a Single Line, Two Line or Three Line configuration. We offer all three. We also offer the individual components incase you need to maintain or repair existing installations.

Our Bullet Rail is normally shipped unassembled and palletized to reduce shipping costs. It is easily assembled and installed in the field.

Below are the FDOT Specs for Bullet Railing. The following pages are formatted to 11" x 17" size.

FDOT Index 820 Standards  • 2013 FDOT Index 820

FDOT Index 821 Standards  • 2013 FDOT Index 821

FDOT Index 822 railing  • 2013 FDOT Index 822

Index 820, 821, 822 samples    single, two line & three line bullet rail with hardware

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